Wednesday, October 12, 2011

raptor watch

If weather conditions turn out to be as predicted for Friday, it could prove to be an an excellent day for movement of raptors along Lake Michigan. Please join us anytime between 9am and 3 pm (some people may stay later than that) at the raptor watch platform at Forest Beach Migratory Preserve, in northeastern Ozaukee County. Directions to FBMP are here:

After parking in the lot near the former clubhouse, walk north on the paved road until it curves east (see map at the kiosk near the parking lot). After going east about 75 feet (past the row of mailboxes), take the trail going north and then another going east until you get to the northeastern-most corner of the FBMP property - you'll find the raptor watch platform there (to know what you're looking for, see:  ).

(Image: National Digital Library)

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