Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Great WI Birdathon, preparations, teams and individuals

I'll be walking across Wisconsin this spring, to raise funds for NRF and The Bird Protection Fund. My walk has been delayed by unseasonably cold and exceptionally  wet weather here in eastern Wisconsin. I now expect to leave on approximately April 23rd. Some folks will still join me for part of a day, along my route from near Port Washington, west to Prairie du Chien.

The Great Wisconsin Birdathon has many other individuals and birding teams involved, including quite a few new ones this year. See this link  to a list of other individuals you may want to support, and this link to a list of teams you may want to support. Some great folks are involved, and some have used considerable creativity in naming their team. I still really like "Hawkeye and the Ancient Murrelets" (they did very well last year!), but the newly named "Lower Chippewa River Titmouseketeers!" is a great name! If you're partial to desperados, check out  the Finch Gang - they have a webpage that hints at their "shady past".

The protracted cold and wet weather has slightly slowed the migration for some species, and some birds we sometimes see here in good numbers in early April are just now arriving in those numbers. Northern WI still has extensive deep snow, and lakes with thick ice cover. This too will slow the advance of many birds across the landscape.

In recent years, climate change has caused many plants to flower earlier - but that may not occur in many WI counties this spring. We'll soon see how the emerging leaves, insects, and arriving birds are linked this spring!

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