Friday, May 24, 2013

thanks to these people for assistance on the "Long Walk for Birds"

During the four week period of my walk across Wisconsin to raise funds for the Great Wisconsin Birdathon and the Natural Resources Foundation, I received help and support from many people. I've attempted to list them below. I tried not to leave anyone out - my apologies in case my memory has gaps!

The following people generously provided a place to stay, and in many cases, a great dinner and breakfast, along my 246-mile walking route:
Noel Cutright and Kate Redmond
Brian and Ann Russart
Mary and Bob Krauski
Vicki Piaskowski and Larry Hopwood
Karen Etter Hale and Jim Hale
Brian and Laura Bub
Ruth Ellickson
Jerry Bartelt
Barb and Jeb Barzen
Mike Hedemark and Arlyne Johnson
Jane Furchgott and Charles Munch
Dick and Christine Ouren

Special thanks to Vicki and Larry, Ruth, Karen and Jim, Barb, and Dick and Christine for help in multiple ways!

The following people walked along for either short or long distances, and were great company on this adventure:
Brian Russart
Tim Vargo
Robin Squier
Jenn Callaghan
Adam Yellen
Vic Vargo
Bill Holton
Clare Carlson
Matt Carlson
Brian Bub
Anne Lacy
John Mueller
Jane Furchgott
Margaret Bluske
Barb Duerksen
Tom McKenna
Joel Trick
Patti Trick
Dick Ouren
Christine Ouren
Jim Klapperich

Special thanks to Owen Boyle, Lee Bluske, Noel Cutright, Joel and Patti Trick, Glen Fredlund, and Marian Klapperich for help along the route. Extra help was provided by Robin Squier, who assisted with the loan of electronic equipment AND many guest blog posts here!

Lunchtime visits that really brightened several days were made by Lee Bluske, Barb Barzen, Maria Sadowski, Paul Senner, Meg Ziegler, Andy Paulios, Yoyi Steele, and Mike Mossman. 

"Above-and-beyond-the-call" extraordinary assistance, many miles of walking, and friendship came from Dick and Christine Ouren - they really made it possible on some tough days, and made it even more enjoyable with their incredible spirit!  

Perhaps saving the best for last is a giant thank you to my wife Leah and my daughter Hannah - without them, even the first steps would never have happened at all.

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