Monday, May 25, 2015

Bob Domagalski's segment of the Long Walk: what he found

Bob Domagalski (who just received an award from WSO at their annual convention this weekend) has completed his segment of the 2015 Long Walk for Birds (part of the Great WI Birdathon). Bob walked part of the lakeshore in Sheboygan and Manitowoc counties. Here is is his sighting list. Please donate to support Bob's effort at this link:

1. Canada Goose
2. Gadwall
3. Mallard
4. Blue-winged Teal
5. N. Shoveler
6. Redhead
7. Greater Scaup
8. Lesser Scaup
9. Bufflehead
10. Common Goldeneye
11. Common Merganser
12. Red-breasted Merganser
13. RN Pheasant
14. Wild Turkey
15. Red-throated Loon
16. Common Loon
17. Horned Grebe
18. DC Cormorant
19. Great Blue Heron
20. Great Egret
21. Green Heron
22. Turkey Vulture
23. Osprey
24. Bald Eagle
25. Sharp-shinned Hawk
26. Cooper's Hawk
27. Red-tailed Hawk
28. Rough-legged Hawk
29. Am. Kesteral
30. Merlin
31. Peregrine Falcon
32. Sandhill Crane
33. Black-bellied Plover
34. Semipalmated Plover
35. Killdeer
36. Spotted Sandpiper
37. Solitary Sandpiper
38. Greater Yellowlegs
39. Whimbrel
40. Ruddy Turnstone
41. Red Knot
42. Sanderling
43. Sesmipalmated Sandpiper
44. Dunlin
45. Bonaparte's Gull
46. Ring-billed Gull
47. Herring Gull
48. Great Black-backed Gull
49. Caspian Tern
50. Common Tern
51. Forster's Tern
52. Rock Pigeon
53. Mourning Dove
54. Chimney SWift
55. Ruby-throated Hummer
56. Belted Kingfisher
57. Red-bellied WP
58. Downy WP
59. Hairy WP
60. N. Flicker
61. E. Wood-Pewee
62. Willow Flycatcher
63. Least Flycatcher
64. E. Phoebe
65. Great Crested Flycatcher
66. E. Kingbird
67. Warbling Vireo
68. Philadelphia Vireo
69. Red-eyed Vireo
70. Blue Jay
71. Am. Crow
72. Purple Martin
73. Tree Swallow
74. N. Rough-winged Swallow
75. Bank Swallow
76. Cliff Swallow
77. Barn Swallow
78. BC Chickadee
79. White-breasted Nut
80. House Wren
81. Winter Wren
82. Ruby-crowned Kinglet
83. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
84. E. Bluebird
85. Veery
86. Gray-cheeked Thrush
87. Swainson's Thrush
88. Am. Robin
89. Gray Catbird
90. Brown Thrasher
91. E. Starling
92. Blue-winged Warbler
93. Golden-winged Warbler
94. Tennessee Warbler
95. Orange-crowned Warbler
96. Nashville Warbler
97. Northern Parula
98. Yellow Warbler
99. Chestnut-sided Warbler
100. Magnolia Warbler
101. Cape May Warbler
102. Black-throated Blue Warbler
103. Yellow-rumped Warbler
104. Black-throated Green Warbler
105. Blackburnian Warbler
106. Palm Warbler
107. Black-and-white Warbler
108. American Redstart
109. Ovenbird
110. Northern OVenbird
111. Mourning Warbler
112. Com. Yellowthroat
113. Wilson's Warbler
114. Canada Warbler
115. Scarlet Tanager
116. Eastern Towhee
117. Chipping Sparrow
118. Clay-colored Sparrow
119. Field Sparrow
120. Savannah Sparrow
121. Song Sparrow
122. Lincoln's Sparrow
123. Swamp Sparrow
124. White-throated Sparrow
125. White-crowned Sparrow
126. DE Junco
127. N. Cardinal
128. Rose-breasted Grosbeak
129. Indigo Bunting
130. Bobolink
131. Red-winged Blackbird
132. Eastern Meadowlark
133. Common Grackle
134. BH Cowbird
135. Orchard Oriole
136. Baltimore Oriole
137. House Finch
138. Am. Goldfinch
139. House Sparrow

Thursday, May 21, 2015

favorite books

These are two books by a great author/scientist, Ian Newton. I have not finished them yet - maybe never will - they are both immense books. But I keep coming back to them, over and over. Highly recommended, for those interested in these topics. Before retirement, Professor Newton was Senior Ornithologist at the UK's Natural Environment Research Council. He was chief of the Avian Biology Section at the Monks Wood Research Station, Chairman of the Board of The Peregrine Fund, Chairman of the Council of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and professor of ornithology at the University of Oxford.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Long Walk for Birds 2015 update

heading north on Highway LS in Manitowoc County
The 2015 Long Walk for Birds is continuing, with sections still being done by members of the NJ Cutright Bird Club, the Green Bay team, the Manitowoc birders, Bob Domagalski, and me. One month of the Great Wisconsin Birdathon has passed, and another month remains. We still need your donations and pledges:
So far, $2,860 has been raised. Please help us reach our goal! Remember these funds support projects that include Bird City Wisconsin, Wisconsin's Important Bird Areas, the Wisconsin Stopover Initiative, Wisconsin Bird Monitoring Program, the 2nd Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas, reforestation work in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, and the recovery of two of North America’s most endangered birds – whooping cranes and Kirtland’s warblers.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

hummingbird news from Audubon, plus info from the last Great Backyard Bird Count...

Go to to learn about hummingbird news from Audubon, plus info from the last Great Backyard Bird Count...

Monday, May 4, 2015

news from the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center

The latest news from the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center is available at:

And some reading about their research in Conservation Ecology: