Tuesday, September 13, 2011

good conditions for raptor watching in the next few days

If you have the time, It might be a good idea to  find your way to the Forest Beach Migratory Preserve, or other lakeshore sites such as Harrington Beach State Park in the next day or so - and I think tomorrow might provide the best conditions - weather is setting up for a potentially good day for raptor movement. Unfortunately, I cannot be at the FBMP raptor watch platform tomorrow - but maybe someone else has the time to be there? Winds are predicted to be northwesterly, with even cooler temperatures than those expected for today. The timing - and conditions - are right for the movement of broadwings (and of course other raptors as well). Big broadwing flights, in several recent autumns, have not been very noticeable in eastern WI; conditions have not always been the best. Thursday morning could also be good, but it looks like winds may shift north/northeast on Thursday afternoon.

If you've not been to the FBMP hawkwatch site and platform before, see directions at the bottom of this notice: http://wglbbo.org/events/6-hawk-watch-platform-dedication

Sites in Harrington Beach SP are of course traditionally good raptor watch locations - and remember the annual WSO Hawkwatch there on Oct. 9th - that same day the dedication of the FBMP hawkwatch platform is scheduled for 1:00 PM, as mentioned in the linked notice given above.

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