Saturday, April 28, 2012

some good birding-related reading, AMKE project news, and other news

One of the best posts I've read in months on the ABA blog is here -  very worthwhile reading!
Just click your way over there - you'll see what I mean.

 Read the emerging news from wonderfully-successful Bird City Wisconsin at this link.

The Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory's new American Kestrel nestbox project (see this link) is moving forward. We hoped to have 100 nestboxes by later this year, but we're actually  on track for dozens more. 81 are either already up, or promised. Of course, not all boxes will be occupied by kestrels! Yesterday, while UWM student intern Pat Velyov and I approached the Falk Park (Milwaukee County) nestbox for monitoring and adding a little modification for predator exclusion, we found a Tree Swallow pair had taken up residence. This is really "the grand plan" for those Tree Swallows- it'd be like me moving into a 3500-square-foot house (...not going to happen...). LET ME KNOW if you'd like to help.

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