Friday, May 10, 2013

152 Miles!

This is Robin forwarding Bill's texts.  I hope everyone is enjoying his posts as much as I am, and is supporting his amazing effort.

Bill wrote at 5:50 this morning that yesterday he was at mile 141, and species 122.  He saw a Bell's Vireo and a Blackpoll Warbler, and was expecting rain all day.

A 1:32 pm update was not quite as grim as rain hadn't shown up yet.  Species 123 was an Orchard Oriole.  His 4:18 update gave his species at 125 with a Cliff Swallow, and a Cedar Waxwing (and a bit later added Forster's Tern, for #126).  He is just outside Mazomanie and has walked over ten miles today.  He's 60% complete in approximate miles for the trip.  He is hoping for at least 35 more species in his total.

Come on everyone!  Get your friends and neighbors to support Bill in his incredible walk for birds! Go to:

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