Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Species 134

Bill called to report that he is past mile 167 on his Long Walk for Birds.  Birders from all over Wisconsin have been posting great bird sightings as the radar last night showed the heaviest migration so far this spring.  Bill picked up a Red-eyed Vireo, Philadelphia Vireo, Yellow-throated vireo, Swamp
Sparrow, Carolina wren and an Ovenbird.  He sounds great!  If you haven't pledge your support yet to benefit the Bird Protection Fund, Bird City and other conservation efforts, be sure to do so!  You can go to his Great Wisconsin Birdathon page at  The Great Wisconsin Birdathon Be part of this fantastic adventure!  Bill has persisted through rain, cold, heat, and heavy traffic at times, to bring both funds and attention to the cause of bird conservation.

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