Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Western Great Lakes Bird & Bat Observatory fall 2014 WATERBIRD WATCH final tally

Calvin Brennan staffed our Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory autumn 2014 Waterbird Watch, at Harrington Beach State Park, from early September through November 21st. During that time he tallied a total of 159,310 individuals of 174 species or other taxa.  Highlights included massive flights of Red-breasted Mergansers and Double-crested Cormorants, a total of 37 species of waterfowl; plus 1,261 Common Loons; 1,155 Horned Grebes; 10 Parasitic Jaegers; 11 species of larids; and more than 125 species of landbirds.  Thanks to Calvin for his excellent work. He is currently back home in Michigan, but we expect him to return for another season, starting in early March 2015. Stop by our observation blind near the rocky point in Harrington Beach SP after March 1st, and say hello. 

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  1. I had the chance to see Calvin in action during the Big Sit conducted at Forest Beach Migratory Preserve on Oct. 12 and have no doubt that his skills contributed greatly to the record tally for that site's event. Plus he was a great birder to spend the morning with.