Monday, May 4, 2015

Long Walk for Birds - Update at Week 3

The Long Walk for Birds raises funds for important bird conservation programs in Wisconsin. Your pledge will support eight statewide projects and programs that help meet the year-round needs of Wisconsin’s birds. These include Bird City Wisconsin, Important Bird Areas, the Wisconsin Stopover Initiative, Wisconsin Bird Monitoring Program, the 2nd Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas, reforestation work in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, and the recovery of two of North America’s most endangered birds – whooping cranes and Kirtland’s warblers.

Our fundraising effort still needs your support in donations or pledges.

Now's your chance to support the Manitowoc birders on their segment of the Long Walk:
OR, the Green Bay birders, as they walk their section:
OR, Bob Domagalski on his part of the Long Walk route:
OR, the folks from the Noel J. Cutright Bird Club also could use your support:
OR, I'd appreciate your support, as I do my section:

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