Saturday, June 13, 2015

Long Walk for Birds 2015 - a few more days

Monday is the final day for the 2015 Long Walk for Birds, part of the Great Wisconsin Birdathon. Multiple teams this year walked varying distances between Forest Beach Migratory Preserve, north of Port Washington, and Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay. With most teams having reported their sighting lists, a cumulative list of 169 species has been counted. You can still pledge or donate at  -- please do so and help us raise our total before the deadline. As you may know, the Birdathon provides funding for these conservation projects, which continue to need your support:  Bird City Wisconsin, Wisconsin's Important Bird Areas, the Wisconsin Stopover Initiative, Wisconsin Bird Monitoring Program, the 2nd Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas, reforestation work in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, and the recovery of two of North America’s most endangered birds – whooping cranes and Kirtland’s warblers.

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