Saturday, July 18, 2015

you can still contribute

This year's Great Wisconsin Birdathon is done - see a summary of results at:

The Birdathon had 66 Teams, 166 birders participating, and a total of 255 species were recorded - the Birdathon raised more than $56,000 for bird protection in Wisconsin.

But you can still contribute to the Bird Protection Fund throughout the year.  Go to:

"The Bird Protection Fund has provided $920,000 to 14 bird conservation projects since 2008 through support from individuals, foundations, and organizations." These projects are:

Bird City Wisconsin
Golden-Winged Warbler Campaign for Neotropical Migrants
Great Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trail
Important Bird Areas Program
Kirtland’s Warbler Monitoring and Management
Wisconsin Bird Monitoring
DNR Species Guidance Reports for Declining Forest Birds
Trumpeter Swan Monitoring
Wisconsin Stopover Initiative for Migratory Birds
Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II
High-resolution videography equipment for bird conservation projects
Wintering-area conservation at Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula
Project Snowstorm
Whooping crane reintroduction project

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