Thursday, December 8, 2016

IUCN Red List - a mix of bad news and good news for endangered birds

"This year’s IUCN Red List update delivers a chilling warning about the plight faced by some of the world’s most popular cagebirds, with many much-loved species now being trapped and traded into near-extinction in the wild."

and some good news:

"The 2016 Red List also delivered some encouraging news from far-flung islands all across the globe.
Birds confined to just a single island or archipelago are some of the most at-risk species in the world, not only because their range is so small, but because they are often ill-equipped to face the threats of predators such as cats and rats when they are introduced to the island. For this reason, a big percentage of existing avian extinctions are island endemics.However, a deluge of downlistings in this year’s Red List shows that conservation work can help struggling island populations to rebound."

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