Thursday, March 23, 2017

Owl Surveyors needed (in Wisconsin)

The 2017 Western Great Lakes Owl Survey is just around the corner with observers conducting TWO surveys of their pre-determined roadside route, the first between April 1 and 10 and the second survey between April 21 and May 1. Each route takes about 1.5 hours to complete. An awesome group of volunteers has accounted for many routes again this year but I need your help in filling those that remain open. Visit the survey's website below to view route availability and locations and to sign up. And do so quickly to get the route you want!

All new surveyors must pass a brief online certification procedure prior to the actual survey dates. Routes will be assigned first-come, first-serve but keep in mind I need to manually approve your request so it may take a few days before the map symbol changes from green (available) to red (assigned). As such it's possible that a route shows as green even if someone else has already requested it. You will receive an email reply from me one way or another to let you know if the route is yours or you need to select an alternative. You may also list an alternative in your original route request.

Thanks for your interest in this fun survey!

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