Friday, May 7, 2021

Shorebirds 2021

                                       Godwits & Wllets - Ph. by Ingrid Taylar

 World Shorebird Day is September 6th this year. It is important to participate in this global event. Learn more at

"The Global Shorebird Counts, held every year around World Shorebirds Day (6 September), is one of the key events of World Shorebirds Day. This program demonstrates the importance of fieldwork, supports observers in improving counting skills, contributes to the increase of the number of birdwatchers and scientists monitoring shorebirds worldwide and pledges new citizen scientists to the world’s largest bird database program."


Learn about the international work of Waderquest,in a recent newsletter, at:

 Recent articles on the global declines of shorebirds are linked here:

Lastly, here is shorebird news from BirdLife International:


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